National Green Week Contests and Prizes!

National Green Week is a time to make your students aware of important sustainability topics and get them excited to do their part to make a difference! What better way to drum up enthusiasm than with a fun and educational contest?

This year, there are three contests available at the national level to participate in during Green Week, each with their own great prizes and sustainability focus. Visit our website to learn more about the contests or keep reading!

Green in Action Awards
Green_In_Action_FACEBOOKGreen In Action Awards are granted to inspiring projects based on GEF’s sustainability themes. Winners are those schools, classrooms or youth groups who have demonstrated their commitment, creativity, or passion for sustainability in their application.  Great application materials include photos, videos, essays, or artwork describing your environmental project, weigh-in, activity, community service project, or green team program! There are so many ways to participate and make a difference so show us how YOU are a champion for sustainability!

Submissions will be reviewed and assessed based on creativity, educational value, and potential for sustainability and replication.

Winners receive $250 for their school or group and will be featured on GEF’s website.

Read the complete contest rules, get project ideas, and view award winners from previous years in the Green in Action section of the website.

Water Audit Raffle
Water_Audit_Raffle_FACEBOOKOne winner will receive $250 to put toward math or science supplies and 500 reusable water bottles for their school.Conducting a water audit of your home or school is a great way to understand how much water you use (and possibly waste! ) every day.  You’ll also identify areas in need of improvement.  Being aware is the first step in taking action and making a big difference!  Use one of GEF’s free water audits, or use your own, and submit a summary of the results or the completed worksheet by May 31 to be entered to win!

Read more about the contest in the Sustainable Water Challenge section.

Green Classroom Pledge
Green_Classroom_PledgeThe Green Classroom Pledge outlines simple ways a classroom can have a significant impact on the environment. Although the actions may seem small and insignificant on the individual level, by working together the classroom can have a big collective impact. Students are also encouraged to help their families save energy, waste and water at home by implementing some of the items on the pledge. Have your students sign the pledge and take a picture of the group. Submit it to GEF by April 30 to win!

One winner will receive 20 Green Packs for their classroom. Green Packs include a reusable shopping bag, water bottle and snack containers.

Find the complete rules and download the pledge in the Green Energy Challenge section.

T-Shirt Design Contest  
Energy_Challenge_FACEBOOKThis year, K-5 students in MA, RI and NY are invited to participate in the t-shirt design contest by creating a drawing on an 8.5×11 paper that answers the question:

“What’s your favorite way to save energy?”

One winner from MA or RI will throw the first pitch at a Red Sox game and will receive $250
for their school and t-shirts with their winning design for the classroom. One winner from New York will receive $250 for their classroom and t-shirts with their winning design for the classroom.

Read the complete contest rules in the Green Energy Challenge section. The deadline to receive applications is March 15.

Energy Spotlight School
Energy_SpotlightEnergy Spotlight Schools are those schools or classrooms in MA, RI or NY who make energy a priority. Whether you conduct lessons during class, organize an audit, promote behavior change at school, or tackle a building update, we want you to tell us all about it!

If you haven’t started yet, but want to become an energy spotlight school, get started with free lessons, activities, audits and more through the Green Energy Challenge!

The winner will receive 100 Green Packs for the school and will be featured on GEF’s website. Green Packs include reusable shopping bags, snack containers and water bottles.

Visit the website to learn more and find resources!

About Green Education Foundation (GEF)

Mission Green Education Foundation (GEF), a non-profit organization, is committed to creating a sustainable future through education. Sustainability Education provides educators with the real-world applied learning models that connect science, technology, and math education with the broader human concerns of environmental, economic, and social systems. GEF provides curriculum and resources to K-12 students and teachers worldwide with the goal of challenging youth to think holistically and critically about global environmental concerns and solutions. Visit to register for free and to gain full access to GEF’s comprehensive library of standards-based lessons and activities.
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