Congratulations to the 2012 Green in Action Winners!

This year the Marist School Environmental Science Class and the Thomas Prince PTA Green Team were selected as the 2012 Green in Action winners! GEF would like to congratulate and thank all the schools and participants who submitted their sustainability projects, lessons, and activities this year.

Students at Thomas Prince School participating in a Clean Up Day.

Green in Action awards are granted each year at the conclusion of National Green Week to schools, classes, or groups who sent in their photos, videos, and artwork demonstrating their environmental project, activity, community service, or green team program. Our two 2012 winners’ projects and artwork are displayed on the GEF National Green Week site and they received GEF’s green packs, including reusable shopping bags, water bottles, t-shirts, and more!

The Marist School Environmental Science Class from Atlanta, GA was very deserving of their Green in Action award, sponsored by American Standard, as they worked hard to keep their school sustainable and help preserve and protect a waterway that runs through the school’s property. The students began conducting research to then developed a rain garden to help alleviate the run-off that pollutes the waterway. These students not only successfully constructed the garden, but also raised awareness for the rest of the school and demonstrated learning through action. Watch their great video to learn more about the Marist School’s projects:

The Thomas Price School’s new Green Team from Princeton, MA coordinated several “green” projects that created awareness and fostered action this past school year, earning the award sponsored by Amtrak.  Some examples of the Green Team’s success includes gaining recognition for National Green Week among local families, developing an organic school garden for hands-on learning, creating “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” posters by all of the 400 or more students, along with several other great environmental efforts.

The Marist School and Thomas Prince School demonstrated success in “Green” action in several ways, leading them to both be very deserving of the Green in Action 2012 award! GEF hopes that the Green in Action contest will motivate and encourage more schools nationwide to work towards sustainability.  In doing so they can have a positive impact on students and the community!

The two winners were selected from a group of impressive Green in Action submissions. Please visit GEF’s website to read more about the winners as well as seven other groups who received an honorary mention and a story on the website.  Thank you to all of our schools and groups and keep up the great work!

Post by Gina Velluti, GEF Marketing Intern

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