Sustainability Education at McKinley Elementary

It’s never too early to start learning the basic principles of sustainability. Elementary school students readily connect with ideas of a global system working together and are inspired to action! At McKinley Elementary in Santa Monica, CA students are part of the pilot of the state’s new Education and Environment curriculum and they can’t get enough sustainability!

Photo: Students at McKinley play a waste-busters game during the waste workshop. 

Through the new curriculum, teams from HMC Architects visit the school to host a series of workshops on water, energy, and waste. Comprised of hands-on activities, videos, and other engaging learning tools the workshops demonstrate how the students can contribute to building a better future. According to Pablo La Roche, a workshop leader, Director of Sustainable Design at HMC Architects, and professor at California Polytechnic State University, “The McKinley students’ curiosity and excitement was hard to contain and their appreciation was priceless.”

Furthermore, by using online technology like Skype, students were able to connect with peers in South America, emphasizing the global nature of the subject matter. This provides a great example of the growing power and potential for online education. Not only can it be a more sustainable form of learning because it avoids the need for travel or books, but the rich videos, interactive activities and games, and cutting edge information is hard to beat.

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