Tips to Make Your School More Energy Efficient!

Did you know that Americans have purchased more than 2.5 billion ENERGY STAR qualified products?  As a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy (DOE), ENERGY STAR helps us save money, while protecting the environment through energy efficient products and practices.  Believe it or not, Americans saved nearly $18 billion on utility bills in 2010 by using energy-efficient products.

Energy Star

So now’s the time to start incorporating ENERGY STAR practices into your classroom, because the least efficient schools use three time more energy than the best energy performers.  To teach kids how energy-efficiency can help save our planet, the DOE offers excellent lesson plans for the classroom.  Beyond these lessons, there are a number of things that schools can do to make a difference.  ENERGY STAR provides K-12 schools with the following suggestions:

For more information about saving energy through collective behavior change, and to find fun lessons and activities, be sure to visit GEF’s Green Energy Challenge section. 

About Green Education Foundation (GEF)

Mission Green Education Foundation (GEF), a non-profit organization, is committed to creating a sustainable future through education. Sustainability Education provides educators with the real-world applied learning models that connect science, technology, and math education with the broader human concerns of environmental, economic, and social systems. GEF provides curriculum and resources to K-12 students and teachers worldwide with the goal of challenging youth to think holistically and critically about global environmental concerns and solutions. Visit to register for free and to gain full access to GEF’s comprehensive library of standards-based lessons and activities.
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