ATT to Develop Eco-Friendly Rating

Mobile phones are used every day by millions and millions of people around the world.  Think about the possibilities if cell phones were designed in a way that considered the environmental, economic, and social impacts caused by their life-cycle. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important topic in today’s society, individuals are beginning to seek out more environmentally friendly products.

AT&T is attempting to market to this audience by launching an initiative to raise environmental awareness about its products.  With this new initiative, AT&T plans to put eco-rating stickers on their mobile devices.  These stickers will show the phone’s ratings based on the use of low-impact materials, recycling possibilities, energy-efficiency, and responsible manufacturing.  The company plans to be the first in the industry to set environmental standards by launching this initiative later this year.  AT&T’s goal is for the entire industry to adopt such practices to improve the sustainability of mobile devices.  By working with BSR, a global sustainability consultancy, the company hopes to ease the minds of consumers that the ratings are third-party certified.  As the initiative develops, it will be interesting to learn more about the criteria behind this rating system, whether they are truly unbiased, and how consumers will respond.

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Through a recent study, Deloitte expressed that 54% of shoppers say that sustainability is factored into their purchasing decisions.  Jeff Bardley, the senior vice president in the Devices department at AT&T Mobility suggested that the “new eco-rating system will make it easier for our customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.”


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