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Make the Most of ENERGY STAR® in Celebration of its 20th Birthday!

GEF and National Grid have partnered to launch the 2012 National Grid ENERGY STAR T-Shirt contest in celebration of Energy Star’s 20th birthday!  GEF is calling on students to submit their T-Shirt designs for a chance to win $250 cash … Continue reading

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NASA’s Green Initiatives

Have you ever thought about all the pollution that results every time a NASA spacecraft is launched?  The current fuel, hydrazine, is a highly-toxic chemical that creates an excessive amount of pollution.  This fuel is being used for its efficiency … Continue reading

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Upgrade your Light Bulbs

To most homeowners, it’s all about finding the best and brightest light bulbs, but in reality there are many options out there, options that can save energy and even money!  Within the 2012 year, 100-watt bulbs are going to be … Continue reading

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National Green Week 2012 is Up and Running!

National Green Week 2012 is up and running and there’s still plenty of time to get involved! Have you had the chance to adopt-a-plant for your classroom or conduct a school energy audit?  Well, now’s the time! By adopting a … Continue reading

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Little Green

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or should I say Happy Hallmark Day? Hallmark describes Valentine’s Day as the second-largest holiday for exchanging greeting cards.  144 million cards are exchanged each year and this number does not include the cards that kids exchange … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Recycled Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges

Offices are known as big consumers of paper, ink, and other office supplies. But what about schools? Educators and administrators breeze through ink and paper handing out a single worksheet to their 30 students or printing a10 page student handbook … Continue reading

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