Energy Efficiency in American Households

Shelton Group conducted the seventh annual Energy Pulse™ survey, used to determine how energy efficient U.S. residents are. Turns out we still have a long way to go…

Image courtesy of Shelton Group, Inc.

This year’s Energy Pulse™ survey looked at the following:

• The number of energy efficiency home improvements and energy efficient purchases made by respondents

• Incentives that can create an impact on home energy spending and activity

• A correlation between the likelihood an individual will conduct home improvements and demographics such as his or her age, income, or education

• Compare activity with worldviews

• How Americans view traditional vs. alternative energy sources

• New techniques

The survey found that 42% of people have installed high-efficiency window, 39% of people have extra insulation, 37% have upgraded the cooling or heating systems in their homes, and 24% of homes have installed high-efficiency water heaters.

The percentage of individuals who have had home energy audits was quite low at 15% and a little under half of the respondents said they will most likely get one.  For Americans to adopt energy efficient efforts, energy prices must increase.  For example, the monthly energy bills for an individual making over $100K a year will have to increase by $113, and people making under $25K a year would have to see a $120 increase in their monthly energy bill.

This survey has shown that Americans must increase their energy efficient efforts now, even if the cost of energy is still relatively low.  To learn more about energy conservation initiatives and find activities and curriculum, visit the Green Energy Challenge section. You can also take advantage of fun and easy energy audits that can provide an eye opening look into how much energy your home or school uses every day.

You can also visit the Energy Star page to find a home performance contractor in your state. Keep in mind that many states have programs to provide residents with free home evaluations.  Start saving today!


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1 Response to Energy Efficiency in American Households

  1. I’m working as a green building consultant for a major remodel/upgrade on a 250 yr old house in NH. This book has brought a beautifully wide perspective to a very concrete process. Johnston & Gibson understand green building and more importantly they understand that the most expensive answer is not necessarily the best. They give a balanced discussion on the pros and cons on various techniques and technology. After discussing the merits of tankless water heaters and there are many, they note that a California Build Water Heater can deliver similar energy efficiency results at a fraction of the cost. I appreciate that they understand the Return on the Investment side of the equation.It is a complete book; all the various facets of HVAC from duct trouble spots, sheet metal ducts vs flex ducts, geothermal pumps, swamp coolers to night flushing are discussed. I would recommend it to both experts and novices.Taunton Publishing brought their exceptional understanding of how-to books to the text. It is well-designed and laid out for both readability and comprehension. The illustrations are excellent and the pictures informative.It is nice to see this level of quality in such a cloudy and sometimes hyped subject matter. In a word: Inspirational.

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