Technology Driven Behavior Change is Saving Water

Did you know that only 1% of all the water on earth is available for human use? It seems like the supply is endless to those in the developed world because it’s always available, it’s clean, and simply not an issue that feels pressing. But there is a limit to our supply and we need to be careful and conserve the water we have access to whenever possible. Households can certainly do their part, but big companies, like Walmart, can have an even greater impact. In their latest blog entry, Walmart describes how they’ve made simple changes in their poultry factories that has saved over 1 BILLION gallons of water in 2 years! That is truly amazing. As humans become increasingly conscientious about their consumption patterns and waste, technologies are developed to meet the demand for sustainable features.

Take the Water Saver, a device that connects to the end of a hose to digitally display the amount of water being used. Often times, people don’t know how much water is enough for their lawn and plants which leads to overuse and waste. It’s also difficult to know how much water is coming out of the hose because it depends on the water pressure, the size of the hose, etc. By increasing awareness with an accurate read of the gallons being poured out, gardeners and homeowners can learn to adjust their usage to an amount more appropriate for a healthy product or yard.

For more ideas about how technology can help you conserve water in your everyday activities, like flushing or showering, check out the EPA’s WaterSense program and keep an eye out for the WaterSense label when purchasing new fixtures.

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