Do You Have WaterSense?

You’re a conscientious water consumer. You take quick showers and turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. You’ve even stopped rinsing your dishes before putting them in the washer! Great work! But do you have WaterSense?

The global water crisis is now and we need to do all that we can. Take note of what one of the nation’s largest tenants is doing to curb their water consumption: The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has updated its green leasing provisions to mandate that replacement water fixtures meet the EPA’s WaterSense guidelines for flush rates. This simple adjustment will reduce toilet flush rates by 20% and urinal flush rates by 50%. That’s a lot of savings spread over 190 million square feet of office space!

So what does WaterSense mean to the average homeowner or renter? Well….WaterSense is not just for office space. And it’s not just for toilets and urinals! According to the EPA, “if one in every 10 homes in the United States were to install WaterSense labeled faucets or faucet accessories in their bathrooms, it could save 6 billion gallons of water per year, and more than $50 million in the energy costs to supply, heat, and treat that water!” The EPA label helps consumers navigate the fixtures aisle to determine which appliances will reduce water consumption and save energy. “The WaterSense label means that a product has been independently tested for water efficiency and performance — so you can be sure your fixture will not only save water, but work well,” said Stephanie Thornton of EPA’s WaterSense program. “Over the past five years, WaterSense has helped Americans save 125 billion gallons of water and $2 billion in utility bills.”

Last week, GEF’s CEO, Victoria Waters, took a tour of a design center packed with WaterSense approved technology. With over 375 flushing, shower, and faucet products with the WaterSense label, American Standard has proven to be on the cutting edge of water conservation technology. Victoria was blown away as Don Devine, American Standard’s CEO, guided her through the beautiful show room, pointing out the hidden water saving features along the way. It’s a common misconception that green building technology comes at the cost of performance, style and design. If you’ve ever used a low flow shower head from American Standard, you probably didn’t even know it!

To educate consumers, American Standard also offers a ton of great resources and videos to help you learn and participate in water conservation! From water saving tips for around the house to installing your new showerhead, the New Jersey based company has put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring water conservation issues are not left on the back burner.

Last but not least, make sure you research whether your state or municipality offers a rebate or tax break for installing energy and water efficient technology. The EPA has a rebate database to get you started!

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